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Safety Tips for Playing Recreational Basketball

by Craig Raucher

Since 1985, Craig Raucher has been the commissioner of the Brooklyn/Staten Island Athletic Basketball League. While playing recreational basketball is an excellent way to socialize, improve balance and coordination, and burn calories, it is important for people like Craig Raucher and the members of basketball leagues to keep the following safety tips in mind while playing, in the interest of preventing injury.
-Don’t skip warm-ups: Preparing your muscles for action before playing basketball can help reduce muscle soreness, improve your flexibility, and improve your balance during gameplay.
-Do choose the right shoes: Basketball is an intense, fast-paced sport that requires significant amounts of running, pivoting, and jumping. By purchasing snug-fitting athletic shoes with extra ankle support and significant traction, players can help prevent ankle sprains and rolls.
-Don’t play while injured: If a player is aware that his body is not at 100 percent, he should consider taking time off from playing. Continuing to play through significant pain in the ankles, knees, or shoulders can lead to more serious and debilitating injuries.
-Do hydrate: Replenish an active body with water or electrolyte-heavy sports drinks. This is an especially important part of playing basketball outside, where heat and high-intensity activity can quickly leave you dehydrated.
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