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Pickup Basketball Game Etiquette

The commissioner of the Brooklyn/Staten Island Athletic Basketball
League, Craig Raucher, has been facilitating the league’s pickup games
at PS 8 for nearly 30 years. Seasoned pickup basketball participants
like Craig Raucher know the importance of etiquette while playing, and
observe certain courtesies in order to have fun and sportsmanlike games.
It is important to remember that pickup basketball is played for
recreation. Most players arrive dressed in well-used workout shirts and
shorts rather than official basketball jerseys, and play to enjoy
themselves rather than to showcase skills. It is important to share the
ball, passing to other teammates or setting them up for a shot.
Additionally, pickup basketball players respect each other, and do not
exchange taunts with those whom they don’t know well.
It is also important to note that there is no referee in pickup basketball, and
aggressive defensive moves, such as elbowing, tripping, or blocking
another player’s vision with a hand, is frowned upon. Engaging in rough
contact is a natural part of participating in sports, but there is a way
to do so respectfully. For the benefit of other players on both teams,
it is also considered good etiquette to wear a shirt while playing.
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